Old Town Village - Brentwood Systems

LOCATION:  Goleta, CA TIMEFRAME: March 2017 - Present SCOPE OF WORK: Supply 32 individual Brentwood ST 24”Systems PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: City Ventures Engineer: C&V Installation and Materials Supplier: Turf Construction and Layfield

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Background Information and ChallengeOld-Town-Village-1.jpg

City Ventures  Old Town Village Mixed-Use Project is a 175-unit mixed-use complex comprised of 113 traditional townhomes, 28 mixed-use shopkeeper units, 34 live-work townhomes, 489 parking spaces and a 1,644 sq. Ft. community fitness center for the complex located on a 12.31 acre unaddressed parcel west of Kellogg Way and South Kellogg Avenue. 

Challenges included designing the systems for the required storage volume of storm water to meet the standards required in a way not to loose any portion of the construction and ensuring that each of the individual systems arrived on site complete and clearly marked to ensure that installation of each differently designed system went into the correct area and was not short components.


The Project utilizing the Brentwood includes a variety of design features to address Stormwater treatment, detention, and retention. These include using the open space areas for detention and treatment, using permeable surfaces was possible to increase infiltration, creating bios wales down the center of the central pathways (boardwalks are used to provide accessTo the units), and directing roof drains to vegetated areas. This Stormwater plan complies with requirements of the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) for the on-site retention of Stormwater runoff.


To date Phase one was installed without a hitch.  The Project Foreman Johnny told me “the systems were organized and so simple to install that it was a very pleasant surprise.  The time to install was much shorter then planned”.  He was very pleased.