St. Jacobs Water Pollution Control Plant

LOCATION: Region of Waterloo, Ontario PRODUCT: REVOC modular insulated floating cover
PROJECT OWNER: Region of Waterloo
Material Supplier and Installer: Layfield Geosynthetics

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The St. Jacobs Water Pollution Control Plant was built in 1971 to process commercial and residential wastewater. As a result of increased demands on the 430m3/day facility, upgrades were necessary to run as efficiently as possible with minimal downtime. During the winter, the aeration rollers within the oxidization tank would occasionally freeze up. The freeze-up would force the operator of the facility to shut down the tank and manually clear the ice form the rollers, resulting inconsiderable loss of productivity within the tank. Layfield was contacted by the operator Ontario Clean Water Association for an insulated floating cover to minimize the heat loss from above the tank and roller freeze up.