Modular Insulated Covers (MIC)

Modular Insulated Covers

Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Wastewater Treatment

MIC Covers use insulation to help maintain constant temperatures in wastewater treatment ponds, optimizing performance year-round. They can also help improve efficiency as demands on the system increase, potentially eliminating the need for expansion. Facility operators have turned to MIC covers for years to help them achieve more stringent discharge requirements.

Layfield’s Modular Insulated Covers are designed to retain heat in water and wastewater ponds when the ambient temperature is different from the lagoon temperature. Properly designed systems have demonstrated the ability to hold temperatures steady around 10°C [50°F], even when temperatures dip as low as -40°C [-40°F], allowing for efficient wastewater treatment year-round.

What Are The Benefits Of Modular Insulated Covers?

Moderate Lagoon Temperature Year Round

These covers incorporate encapsulated closed-cell foam insulation to help maintain optimal treatment temperatures year-round.

Shields Sunlight to Control Algae

Prevents algae blooms that can hinder treatment performance and cause maintenance issues.

Controls Odor Release

Insulated covers reduce odors by reducing the evaporation of volatile compounds from the lagoon.

Additional Features

  • Adapts to water level fluctuations
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Custom-designed to fit specific basin dimensions
  • Cuts costly chemical usage

Product Details

A properly designed MIC system is an economical way to add insulation to open ponds or tanks, retaining heat to assist in the biological degradation of waste materials. Applications include wastewater lagoons and tank systems.


Specification Sheet

Enviro Liner® 6000 Technical Specifications

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Specification Sheet,

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Technical Specification

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Modular Insulated Covers

Join Rohit Sati, Technical Product Manager – Containment and Enclosure Systems, as he discusses how Modular Insulated Covers retain heat in water/wastewater ponds when the ambient temperature is different from the lagoon temperature. Learn more about this economical solution to add insulation to open ponds or tanks and how it can assist with the biological degradation of waste materials.

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