Ontario Wastewater Treatment Plant – Floating Baffle & MIC Cover


A Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) that serves a Municipality in Ontario had reached its service life, requiring major rehabilitation to improve efficiency and increase storage capacity. The rehabilitation project involved splitting the existing lagoon into two separate lagoons and incorporating new innovative technologies to reduce capital and maintenance costs and increase treatment capacity from 1500m3/day to 3500m3/day. The Project engineer worked with the Layfield technical resource team to design a series of internal and external floating baffle curtain (FBC) to redirect effluent flows within each lagoon.

Located within the external Floating Baffle Curtain is a series of internal baffles which direct the effluent from the inlet point through a series of turns along a path that contains 30 BioCord™ Reactors. Each BioCord™ Reactor includes strips of a biofilm that create a large surface area to help support microbial life. A 100mm thick Modular Insulated Cover (MIC) provided R16 insulation to reduce heat loss and increase the operating temperature, mitigating the effects of cold temperatures.

The general contractor completed the necessary earthwork and construction of the lagoons, including the installation of the concrete footing. The Floating Baffle Curtain and Modular Insulated Cover installation was performed in three individual stages. The first stage was installing the external and internal Floating Baffle Curtain, which were mechanically attached to the concrete footing at the bottom of the lagoon while it was empty. The second stage included the final assembly and the shore anchoring, completed while the lagoon was full. The third and final stage involved the deployment of the Modular Insulated Cover and anchoring of the system. Installing the BioCord™, AquaGuide Floating Baffle Curtain, and Modular Insulated Cover was successful. The project team was pleased with the overall installation of the system.

Installers: Layfield Geosynthetics; BioCord™ Reactor: Bishop Water Technologies

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