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Layfield’s GeoFlex® uses next-generation catalyst technology optimized to deliver flexibility with UV and chlorine resistance. GeoFlex® is a highly flexible lining material that makes detail work, such as building tanks, attaching to structures, or creating corners, easy.

In addition to flexibility, GeoFlex® has excellent resistance to both Slow Crack Growth (SCG) and Environmental Stress Cracking (ESCR) and is suitable for water and water-based effluent storage. Exhibiting high impact strength and puncture resistance, this product has outstanding resistance to low temperatures. This geomembrane also meets GRI GM-17 requirements and is suitable for various primary and secondary containment applications.

Why Is GeoFlex Unique?

Enhanced Flexibility

GeoFlex® exhibits a much higher Tensile Yield Elongation than standard LLDPE geomembranes, displaying increased forgiveness in folds, bends, and creases.

Unique Cold Temperature Capabilities

Specially formulated GeoFlex® geomembranes have the ability to withstand temperatures well below freezing.

Ability To Be Factory Fabricated Up To 60 Mil Thick

Due to its highly flexible nature, this innovative geomembrane can be factory fabricated using up to 60 mil thick material making it a stand-out in our industry.

Additional Features

  • Has excellent chlorine resistance
  • Excellent resistance to both SCG and ESCR
  • Exhibits high impact strength and puncture resistance
  • Outstanding resistance to low temperatures

Product Details

Layfield’s GeoFlex™ uses next-generation catalyst technology optimized to deliver flexibility, elongation, and cold temperature resistance.


Specification Sheet

GeoFlex® Technical Specification

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Product Specifications

GeoFlex™ geomembranes have been extensively tested for contact with drinking water. GeoFlex™ has been tested and passed the requirements of NSF 61 for potable water and the AS/NZS standard 3020 for potable water in Australia. Research has also been completed on GeoFlex™ to see how it stands up to the effects of UV exposure.

GeoFlex™ is easy to utilize in your lining designs. In most applications, you can take advantage of its ability to be prefabricated into large single sheets. These single-panel liners are then draped into place to create a containment. GeoFlex™ can be used in backfilled applications with excellent results. The stability of backfill on containment slopes should always be carefully checked during design. GeoFlex™ retains its flexibility at very low temperatures. At temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F), it should still be possible to place this liner. GeoFlex™ requires a smooth subgrade prior to installation. In areas where subgrade preparation cannot be performed, a non-woven geotextile may be used to improve the subgrade. Mechanical attachment of exposed lining materials must take into account different expansion and contraction coefficients for each material. It is not recommended that a mechanical batten bar be used over more than 10 m (30 ft) of length.

Layfield's GeoFlex™ 30 and 40 mil geomembranes can be prefabricated into large panels (up to 30,000 square feet at 30 mil). The prefabricated panel is accordion folded, rolled on a core, and delivered to the job site. Prefabricated panels can often cover a small project with a single panel. Local labor forces can be used to unroll and unfold the panel, while on larger projects, Layfield installation forces can be used to join panels. Layfield has spent years developing innovative thin-film seaming technology. All of our primary field welding of GeoFlex™ is based on hot wedge welding technology. Field wedge welding of GeoFlex™ provides strong seams and fast installations on large projects. Call for an estimate of how field wedge welding can help meet your critical construction schedule. GeoFlex™ can be repaired using handheld heat welding techniques or extrusion welding.


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Join Layfield’s Rohit Sati, Technical Product Manager – Containment and Enclosure Systems, as he discusses Layfield’s next-generation geomembranes, developed with the highest quality resins and additives to withstand the most challenging environments. Our webinar will provide insight into the key performance properties and suitable applications for these materials.

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Join Layfield Geosynthetics Rohit Sati, Technical Services Manager — Containment and Enclosure Systems, and Brian Fraser, Vice President – Strategic Business Development, for an educational webinar outlining new industry innovations with geomembranes and geocomposites in waste containment applications. This webinar features the following topics: New Bi-Modal Heatgard® HDPE Geomembranes, HydraNet™ Geocomposite Drainage Products, Geovolt® Conductive Composite for Electrical Leak Detection, and GeoFlex® Geomembranes.

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