HypaFlex CSPE Geomembranes

HypaFlex™ CSPE Geomembranes

Trusted Long-Term Potable Water Protection

When it comes to long-term performance in exposed liner and cover applications, HypaFlex® (Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene – CSPE) is the gold standard. Engineered to withstand extreme heat and UV exposure, HypaFlex® has been used extensively for water containment and protection for over 50 years and is backed with an industry-leading 30-year weathering warranty.

The use of HypaFlex® floating covers in reservoirs is one of the most economical methods of storing and treating large volumes of water. Reservoirs using CSPE are often up to 70% more cost-effective versus above-ground tanks or underground clearwells. With over 400 successful floating cover projects worldwide, you can trust that HypaFlex® is built to last.

Why Choose HypaFlex®?

Excellent UV Resistance

The saturated, stable polymer backbone structure provides excellent longevity and UV resistance, ideal for long-term exposed applications.

Enhanced Flexibility without Additives

Does not require the use of volatile materials such as liquid plasticizers, process oils, or stabilizers used to achieve a high degree of flexibility.

Additional Features

  • NSF Certified for contact with potable water
  • Exceptional longevity and UV resistance
  • Up to 30-year weathering warranty
  • Available in several styles, colors, and thicknesses
  • Highly resistant to ozone, oils, and other chemicals
HypaFlex™ CSPE Geomembranes

Product Details

HypaFlex® is a premium reinforced flexible geomembrane material with excellent longevity and UV resistance, engineered for long-term applications, including floating covers and exposed liners.


Specification Sheet

HypaFlex® CSPE Technical Specification

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Product Specifications

The majority of our HypaFlex® CSPE material is used to manufacture floating covers. Floating cover systems require site-specific planning and design. Floating covers must be designed to take into account the varying reservoir water levels and address drainage issues for the removal of stormwater. Layfield is an industry leader and innovator of high-quality floating cover systems. We offer both weight-tensioned defined sump and mechanically-tensioned floating cover systems. To promote public health and safety as well as the floating cover industry, Layfield is actively involved in developing guidelines for North American state and national regulation on floating cover systems used in municipal drinking water applications. Layfield offers design, installation, and maintenance of floating covers throughout the US and Canada. Layfield can design a floating cover to suit your project needs.

Layfield's HypaFlex® CSPE is a synthetic rubber. The product is shipped from the factory uncured, so it can be thermally welded with hot air or by wedge welding. During service, the membrane is exposed to weather elements and cures into a rubber. As it cures, its UV and chemical resistance increases. Once it is cured, it cannot be thermally welded. Layfield provides a special glue to repair HypaFlex® CSPE in its cured state. We also offer potable water and epoxy-grade adhesive for easy repairs. HypaFlex® CSPE is not designed to contain hydrocarbons or oil-based fluids. This material design is primarily for potable water applications.

Each liner panel we produce is a custom panel. The way we set up our shop is unique in that our shop welders provide prefabricated panels to best match your containment area. We size each panel to fit, without waste, in a logical sequence in your containment area. In containments with irregular shapes, we size our panels to accommodate irregular sizes. There are no theoretical limits to the size of the liner panels that we can prefabricate, but there are some practical limits, notably panel weight. Panel weight is vital because of the restrictions of handling equipment that will be available in the field. HypaFlex® CSPE liners usually are limited to a maximum panel weight of 2,500 lbs (1,200 kg); however, if a skilled installation crew is available, then a panel of up to 4,000 lbs (1,800 kg) is possible. Panels are accordion folded in one direction and then rolled in the other direction. Unfolding instructions and dimensions are marked on the individual liner panel. Each panel is wrapped in an opaque, weather-resistant covering suitable for shipment and storage. All shop-fabricated seams are 100% visually inspected by the welding operator. Every fifth seam is tested for Film Tear Bond and destructively tested in peel and shear. Quality control reports are prepared with each panel produced.

Layfield's HypaFlex® CSPE series of geomembranes is flexible, allowing prefabrication into large panels at our facility. All welded seams of our HypaFlex® CSPE liners are inspected using the air lance test, ensuring there are no flaws in the weld. The prefabricated panel is accordion folded, rolled on a core, and delivered to the job site secured to a pallet. The prefabricated panel can cover a small project with a single panel. Local labor forces can be used to unroll and unfold the panel, while on larger projects, Layfield installation forces can help to join the panels. Layfield has spent years developing innovative thin-film seaming technology. Our primary field welding of HypaFlex® CSPE is with hot wedge welding technology. Field wedge welding of HypaFlex® CSPE provides strong seams and fast installations on large projects.


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