Maximize Land Use While Achieving Challenging Stormwater Management Objectives

Tackle the most difficult stormwater management challenges on today’s development sites with the versatility and durability of an underground modular tank system. Aquabox is uniquely designed to create an underground void space to collect stormwater for retention, detention, and infiltration, depending on your specific requirements.

Designed for fast installation, stormwater retention, detention, and infiltration systems created with Aquabox provide efficient flood protection both for the natural and built environment. This underground plastic module temporarily collects rainwater and releases it with a time delay into the stormwater infrastructure, preventing flooding in urban areas.

What Makes The Aquabox Unique?

High Void Ratio

Allows storage volumes of rainwater equal to 96% of the nominal volume of the basin, resulting in cavity volumes up to three times larger than a gravel ditch.

Ease of Installation

The Aquabox attachment mounting system allows each module to be easily pre-assembled by one person without using cranes or mechanical means.

Fully Inspectable

The internal configuration of the modules makes the system easily accessible for inspection, routine maintenance, and cleaning.

Additional Features

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Lightweight modules
  • High void ratio
  • Comprehensive design tools available

Product Details

The Aquabox system is a high-capacity modular system for stormwater retention, infiltration, disposal, or reuse.


Specification Sheet,

AquaBox Technical Specification

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