AquaBox and NuBarrier Offer an Efficient Stormwater Solution

Low Impact Development

Project summary

Through the collaboration of a residential property developer and contractor, a visionary 30-40 lot subdivision project was realized during its first phase. The primary challenge was implementing an efficient stormwater retention system at the lower end of the subdivision. This system is essential to prevent overcharging the stormline.

Project Scope and Challenges

The engineering firm carefully assessed the range of options and competitive products—however, none of the available solutions seamlessly aligned with the stringent design criteria. Some complicating factors included the constrained space, the distinctive Lshaped layout, and the irrevocable elevation constraints. It was imperative that the solution would not infringe upon the neighboring phases of the subdivision, preserving future development opportunities. With a steadfast commitment to longevity, the structural design targeted an impressive lifespan of approximately 200 years. The developer approached Layfield and requested assistance in providing a solution that would work despite their multiple challenges on site. Layfield delivered an innovative and sustainable stormwater retention solution that not only met but exceeded the expectations of the development project.


In Chemainus, BC, where substantial bedrock posed a blasting challenge for residential development, the contractor sought an effective solution to minimize excavation. The Aquabox emerged as the perfect choice, offering a compact footprint and a deeper system height (2.4m/triple stack). Its stackable design allowed for a swift and hassle-free installation, making it the ideal fit for this project.

To further fortify the storm system’s integrity and enhance filtration capabilities, NuBarrier™ Nonwoven Geotextile (530m2) and LP8 (463 m2) were strategically used to provide further support. Nubarrier’s unique green color also acts as a warning barrier to protect your infiltration assets. The Aquabox storm tank installed now boasts a capacity of approximately 184.03m3, significantly boosting water retention. The contractor was able to complete the installation in just 2.5 days.


1. The project significantly mitigated the environmental impact by minimizing the need for extensive blasting.
2. The project also delivered cost savings to the contractor through streamlined installation, as the system’s simplicity reduced the need for an extensive workforce, minimizing errors and rework.
3. Notably, this system boasts a superior void ratio compared to other initially considered alternatives, enhancing its overall performance.

Features & benefits

Aquabox is an underground plastic module temporarily collects rainwater and releases it with a time delay into the stormwater infrastructure, preventing flooding in urban areas. NuBarrier™ accumulates a biofilm that biologically decontaminates hydrocarbons at a rate of up to 400 grams per m2 per year.


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