NuBarrier Nonwoven Geotextile


Control Hydrocarbons From Infiltrating With NuBarrier™

NuBarrier™ is a green nonwoven geotextile designed as a microbial digester of hydrocarbons. As an added benefit, the unique green color acts as a warning barrier to protect your infiltration assets.

NuBarrier™ accumulates a biofilm that biologically decontaminates hydrocarbons at a rate of up to 400 grams per m2 per year, ideal for use under parking lots, around underground stormwater tanks, and in bioswales.

Additional Features

Additional Features

Additional Features

Additional Features

  • Easy to install, rolls out like normal geotextile
  • The unique green color provides clear differentiation from other geosynthetics
  • Provides excellent filtration in all directions
  • Functions to biologically decontaminate hydrocarbons

Product Details

NuBarrier™ is a nonwoven geotextile that promotes microbial digestion of hydrocarbons.


Specification Sheet

NuBarrier Non Woven Geotextile Technical Specification

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