Geoweb® Load Support

Build Smart Site Access Roads, Even Over Soft Ground

Use local fill to construct site access roads with the GEOWEB® Load Support System, allowing immediate access after installation. This three-dimensional cellular confinement system confines fill materials to create roadways with minimal granular quantity requirements. It is particularly useful in creating load-bearing structures over soft or unstable subgrades. GEOWEB® cellular confinement system is equally beneficial for base stabilization under asphalt or concrete and can reduce base material requirements by 50% or more.

The GEOWEB® systems include the latest improvements to cellular confinement technology, including textured surfaces for increased friction, perforations for lateral drainage, and ATRA® Keys for panel-to-panel connection.

Why Use A GEOWEB® Cellular Confinement System?

Use Local Infill

Allows use of lower-quality, less costly on-site infill materials.

Ease of Installation

Installation of the GEOWEB® system is up to three times faster to deploy than multi-grid systems.

Reduce Costs

Creates a stiffened base layer, and the resulting increase in base strength can be used to reduce the pavement depth design by up to 30%.

Additional Features

  • Creates flexible pavement from low-quality fill materials
  • Adds stiffness and structure to load reinforcements
  • Dramatically reduces the amount of fill needed in some road types
  • Has textured sides for stability and holes for lateral damage
Geoweb® Load Support

Product Details

The GEOWEB® system is a cellular confinement system used for soil stabilization, ground stabilization, and to create load support for roadways and drilling pads on soft soils.


Specification Sheet

GEOWEB Load Support Technical Specification

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