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California Drought Solutions

Solving California's Drought Fallout

We protect California's water. We protect the future.

An historic challenge calls for innovative solutions. The California Drought is the worst drought in recent history and threatens California's growers, vineyards, dairy farmers, livestock producers, food processors, and all Californians. The California Drought is a challenge that requires proven technologies to protect our limited water resources by controlling California Drought Solutions by Layfieldseepage, permeation, evaporation and providing effective water storage and water preservation solutions. The ongoing issues have shut down many farms in the Central Valley and across California with the loss of over 17,000 agricultural jobs. The loss of farmland due to the drought conditions will affect food prices across California and nationwide. The amount of water lost to evaporation and seepage can potentially be very large.

Based in San Diego, California, Layfield USA designs, custom fabricates and constructs/installs evaporation and algae control covers for ponds, lagoons and tanks that eliminate evaporation and control algae. These products are designed to protect California's precious water resources and agricultural industry from the drought by eliminating the loss of water. An evaporation control floating cover stops evaporation by preventing the dry ambient air from contacting the water in the pond. Evaporation control covers also prevent the concentration of pond liquids. This helps control salt or mineral accumulation in irrigation water and protects water used to water livestock. An added benefit is the control or elimination of algae growth, which is a concern from the regulatory standpoint.

              Evaporation Control Covers and Water Storage Tanks

Basin liners (geomembranes) are very effective in controlling seepage, permeation and help prevent the loss of precious water from ponds and irrigation canals. Layfield is one of the top geomembrane liners manufacturers and fabricators in North America. Using a properly selected geomembrane for a canal or reservoir liner can significantly reduce water loss and help provide valuable water savings and irrigation efficiencies in agricultural and horticultural applications. Geomembrane liners are also used to line ponds in Aquaculture. The key to the success of these aquaculture applications is the selection of a suitable geomembrane that will not harm the fish, such as our Enviro Liner 6000 geomembranes.

Water storage is important to reduce the risks of rainfed agriculture. Food processors also need to store water for washing, rinsing, cleaning and many other processes. Layfield can build steel tanks and deploy water storage tubes to handle both emergency and long-term water storage needs.

Layfield is committed to protecting the environment and developing green solutions to preserve water and assist California growers, vineyards, dairy farmers, livestock producers and food processors through the drought with state-of-the-art water resource solutions. We're here to support all of California's vital industries in a time of unprecedented need. Protect your water and your future with the Layfield's technology and expertise. At Layfield, WE PROTECT. (Click Here to View the California Drought Brochure)

Contact our San Diego office or send us an email to sandiego@layfieldgroup.com to see how our economical products can help you preserve water through one of the worst droughts in California's history.

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