Enviro Liner 6000 Textured Geomembrane

Textured Enviro Liner® 6000 is available with superior friction properties.


    • Excellent friction properties
    • Texturing available on one or both sides
    • Same flexibility as our smooth material
    • Outstanding UV resistance


    • Backfilled liner applications
    • Retaining backfill on steep side slopes
    • Landfill and pad baseliners
    • Heap leach pads
    Enviro Liner 6000 Textured Geomembrane Specifications

Product Description

Textured Enviro Liner® 6000 geomembranes are available with texturing on one or both sides to provide excellent interface friction properties in combination with outstanding longevity. Layfield's Enviro Liner® 6000 formulation is stabilized with a proprietary blend of UV stabilizers and antioxidants, making it one of the most durable geomembranes on the market. Enviro Liner® 6000 textured geomembranes can be prefabricated in thicknesses up to 50 mil (1.25mm). Textured Enviro Liner® 6000 has the same properties, whether textured on one side or both sides, so you have to specify whether you need a single-sided (EL 61xx) or double-sided (EL 62xx) material. Our EL 6160/6260 and EL 6180/6280 materials are usually supplied with a white top textured surface. The combination of advanced stabilization, excellent interface friction, and inherent flexibility makes Enviro Liner® textured geomembranes perfect for landfill cap applications.

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