Winery Water Treatment

The winemaking process for wineries generates large amounts of of process wastewater; and wastewater disposal continues to be an issue for wineries all over, but especially in California. Though the industry has been very proactive about wastewater disposal and other environmental issues, it continues to be increasingly difficult for wineries to obtain wastewater disposal permits. The regulations on wastewater and wastewaster disposal continue to increase and be costly for wineries and vineyard owners.

Layfield provides many products and services for Wineries water and wastewater treatment facilities. Layfield specializes in floating covers such as the large potable water storage reservoir covers used in southern California.   We also do covers for biogas collection, have lower cost covers for evaporation control, and Geotubes available for sludge cleanup. Geotubes are large fabric tubes that are pumped with sludge (wastewater) or silt (storm water) mixed with an appropriate polymer. The water passes through the fabric and the solids are left behind.  Floating Baffles can be utilized to by Winery Water Treatment faicilties to create seperate treatment zones.   Layfield also provides Geomembrane Liner installation & Maintenance for Winery Water Treatment facilities. 

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Layfield Winery Water Treatment

  • Geomembrane Liners
  • Geotube Containers

    Geotube® containers are a cost effective method for dewatering sludge, tailings, or dredging spoils.

  • Water & Waste Water Engineering
  • REVOC Biogas Collection Covers

    REVOC Biogas Collection floating covers are your best choice for agricultural and waste water methane collection.

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