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AquaDam® is a unique, patented idea, that uses water filled tubes to create aqua barriers and control water to prevent flooding. AquaDam® was originally designed as a method for blocking of streams for pipeline crossings. Using AquaDams to complete pipeline crossings is one of the most environmentally effective methods in use and is ideally suited to crossings involving large diameter pipelines. AquaDams are also ideal for flood control and been used effectively to prevent flooding and form aqua barriers for a number of communities. Finally, AquaDams are used for temporary water storage for areas stricken by drought or where wild fires are expected.

On-site requirements for AquaDam® installation require only portable pump and the usually abundant local water supply. This means AquaDam® is ideal for water control projects such as stream or lake bed construction diversions, aqua barriers, coffer damming, or environmental pollution confinement and silt control. AquaDam® provides fast, effective relief for tougher applications such as mud slides, hazardous waste control and flooding. AquaDam® is also an ideal choice for preventing overtopping of levees, which is the number one cause of levee failure.  Layfield's AquaDam® acts as a temporary portable cofferdam  that can be reused. Cofferdams of this type are stretched across the site, then inflated with water from the prospected dry area to create a dry working environment.  Cofferdams are excellent for creating water tight enclosures for repairs and exposing the bottom of a body of water for repairs.  

AquaDams are a patented idea that combines three or more polyethylene or woven geo-tech tubes and any available water supply. Two 'inner' tubes, contained by an outer 'master' tube, are pumped full of water simultaneously. Counter friction between the master and inner tubes results in a stable, non-rolling 'wall' or aqua barrier of contained water, which adjusts automatically to bottom terrain as the AquaDam® deploys. Within minutes, an impervious aqua barrier wall of solid AquaDams is formed.

A few of the more common uses include:

  1. Water diversions and aqua barriers during pipeline installation in and around rivers or standing water.

  2. Water containment during repairs on bridges, sewage systems and power plants.

  3. Easy, rapidly deployed to form an aqua barrier and flood control.

    Aqua Dams are used to block off streams for construction. Here a creek is blocked for a pipeline repair.
  4. Erosion control through diversion or containment of flowing water.

  5. Temporary reservoirs for water storage.

  6. Temporary cofferdams for containment of spilled materials.

  7. Silt containment and sediment collection.

AquaDams are normally installed by Layfield crews as site conditions vary from job to job. For details on installation of AquaDams in your area we suggest you contact your local Layfield office and ask for our Service Group.


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