Geomembrane Liners

Layfield manufactures, fabricates, and installs most types of geomembranes.

Geomembranes - Flexible Fortified Membrane Lining

As one of the leading manufactures of geomembranes, at Layfield it is our most important and diverse group of products.  Our fortified flexible membrane liner materials are heavily treated with special stabilizers providing enhanced UV, heat and chemical resistance.  With our state of the art facility we manufacture, fabricate, and install a wide variety of geomembranes, more than most other providers. We specialize in flexible geomembrane containment liners for all applications including primary and secondary containment.

Layfield takes advantage of multi-layer coextrusion technology and our expertise in UV/AO stabilization packages allows us to manufacture some of the industry’s most popular brands of geomembranes including our Enviro Liner® 7000FLEXHD, Enviro Liner® 6000, Enviro Liner® 1000 and HAZGARD 635FR.  Layfield also manufactures a variety of standard grade polyethylene geomembranes.

Layfield is one of the most experienced manufacturers of factory fabricated geomembranes in the industry.  Factory fabrications allow us to reduce or eliminate field seaming, speeding up installation and significantly reducing the cost of our liners.  With our state-of-the art robotic welding & sewing line, the GeoFab5X, we are able to fabricate massive geomembrane panels up to 85’ (26m) wide and to cover an area of 4,500 m2 with a single geomembrane. We fabricate geomembranes to size in three different locations and have installation resources across North America to make sure our clients receive their geomembranes in a timely manner. Our geomembranes are used for environmental containment applications in the energy (oil and gas), mining, water, agriculture, food, construction and industrial sectors.






Layfield's Geomembrane Services:

We regularly assist our clients with geomembrane services such as material evaluation and selection, standard detail drawings, specifications, and application design assistance. We provide roll stock geomembranes and geomembranes which are fabricated to size, fully installed, or are manufactured according to their specific design/build contract. Our team puts customers first by delivering the best quality materials along with superior customer service.

Call your local Layfield office for the geomembrane services available in your area.


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