Arctic Liner

Arctic Liner® is carefully formulated to combine chemical resistance with outstanding low temperature flexibility.


    • Designed for ease of repair in remote sites
    • Good cold temperature performance
    • White color can be placed on permafrost/snow without melting
    • Flexible to conform to subgrade


    • Secondary fuel containments at remote sites
    • Temporary containment on snow, ice, or permafrost
    • Soil remediation liner
    • Hydrocarbon vapor barrier under buildings
    Arctic Liner Specifications

Product Description

Arctic Liner® is a highly flexible geomembrane with advanced chemical resistance, it is formulated specifically for winter installation in harsh environments like the Arctic. The Arctic Liner® formulation is easily solvent bondable during periods of warm weather, making repairs an easy task even in isolated areas. This proprietary oil resistant alloy is well suited to secondary containment of combustible liquids and some fuels. Arctic Liner® is also excellent for soil remediation work and for separation of soils at contaminated sites. Arctic Liner® is often used for the secondary containment of industrial chemicals as well.  Arctic Liner® is excellent for the containment of combustible liquids and many oilfield chemicals.

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