We work with you to create biogas
recovery systems for anaerobic digesters.
In an age of growing concern about climate change, the benefits of biogas as an alternative energy resource is increasingly being considered. Biogas is a renewable energy source with zero net greenhouse emissions. You can harvest valuable biogas from anaerobic digestion with a Layfield installed biogas collection cover system. In addition to the captured alternative energy benefits, biogas covers prevent methane escape which significantly reduces greenhouse gases. Increasingly various levels of governments are regulating strict reductions in methane release to agricultural and industrial producers. To meet these requirements, producers are increasingly relying on lagoon anaerobic digesters.
What is biogas and what are its benefits?
Biogas is a result of the breakdown of organic matter under anaerobic conditions. Biogas contains between 50 and 75% methane, which, if purified, can be pumped directly into the natural gas grid for use in homes or compressed into a fuel. It can also be transformed into any kind of thermal, electrical or mechanical energy. Biogas itself is worth more than natural gas and is becoming an increasingly valuable renewable energy resource.
zero net greenhouse emissions
reduces amount of organic materials sent to the landfill
produces a nutrient rich sludge that can be watered down into fertilizer
protection of subsoil water
Biogas is in endless supply – as long as the sun shines and plants grow, we can continue to reap the benefits of this energy source!
Collect valuable biogas from anaerobic digestion with a Layfield biogas collection cover.

Layfield’s innovative Biogas Collection cover is your best choice for agriculture and wastewater methane collection. Our geomembrane lining systems and covers are made from Enviro Liner® and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), providing the strength, durability and flexibility needed for gas collection.

Layfield’s biogas collection covers can be constructed to capture and collect methane both through positive or negative pressure designed cover systems. The use of prefabricated ballasting weights speeds installation and eliminates problems with broken weight straps common to other cover types. Our covers are also designed to operate in various climates, offering insulated versions to help maintain consistent temperatures throughout the anaerobic treatment process.

Layfield can also provide biogas collection covers fabricated with alternate materials such as our Enviro Liner®, depending on the project specifications. We can assist with material selection, design details, and can also provide full designs on select projects.

Dairy farms and livestock operations use anaerobic digesters to produce biogas from manure and used bedding material.
Food Processors
Food processors use anaerobic digesters as a part of their waste treatment processes, using the biogas collected to generate electricity to use at their facilities.
Waste flows from the wine-making supply chain contain wastewater. Collection of biogas by anaerobic digestion is a mature and widely applied technology in the industry.