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The Layfield Group of companies (Layfield Group) consists of Layfield Group Limited and its affiliated companies and subsidiaries. Layfield Group maintains a number of trademarks in place to identify its products and services. This document outlines the use of trademarks by the Layfield Group.

 Layfield Group Trademarks

Trademark Company of Ownership US Reg. # Cdn.Reg. # Comments
Aqua Dam Layfield Group Limited   TMA440087 Design Mark
Aqua Guide Layfield Group Limited 5,241,470 TMA760939  
Arctic Liner Layfield Group Limited 1,722,109 TMA393355  
Bioflex Layfield Poly Films Ltd   TMA748894  
CoverFlex Layfield Geosynthetics and Industrial Fabrics Ltd 4,037,540 TMA773554  
Enviro Liner Layfield Group Limited 2,682,174 TMA506413  
EnviroSlope Layfield Group Limited 5,762,490 TMA815573  
FASDAM Layfield Group Limited 5,568,014 TMA997313  
FracLiner Layfield Group Limited 5,083,859 TMA920377  
Freezerflex Layfield Poly Films Ltd   TMA775039  
GeoFlex Layfield Geosynthetics and Industrial Fabrics Ltd 5,828,173 TMA772519  
HAZGARD Layfield Group Limited 3,217,268 TMA529081  
Layflex Layfield Group Limited 3,683,217 TMA693083  
REVOC Layfield Group Limited  3,735,765 TMA735826  
RPE Layfield Group Limited   TMA501154  
Safety-Blast Layfield Group Limited 3,007,369 TMA623650  
Sealflex Layfield Poly Films Ltd 4,204,021 TMA821031


Shrinkflex Layfield Poly Films Ltd 3,720,679 TMA738836  
StretchTech Layfield Group Limited 4,124,272 TMA808090  
VALID Layfield Group Limited 5,516.430 TMA991599  
VaporFlex Layfield Geosynthetics and Industrial Fabrics Ltd 3,353,453 TMA648784  


Layfield Group of Companies

Layfield Group trademarks may be used by any of the Layfield Group of companies to promote Layfield products and services regardless of which company actually owns the trademark. The following is a list of the Layfield Group of Companies.


Layfield Group Limited (Corporate)

  • Wholly owned Canadian subsidiaries
    • Layfield Flexible Films
    • Layfield Geosynthetics 
  • Affiliated US Companies
    • Layfield USA Corporation


Use of Trademarks by Distributors

Layfield Group’s distributors, fabricators, and agents may use Layfield Group trademarks to promote the sale of Layfield products. The use of these trademarks is by permission. Permission may be revoked if the trademark is used to the detriment of Layfield Group product sales or to the detriment of Layfield Group’s reputation. Layfield Group’s VP, Technical Services will be the sole and final judge of the use of trademarks.


Supplier Trademarks

Layfield uses the trademarks of our suppliers to help promote their products. These trademarks are used by Layfield by the permission of the suppliers. Below is a partial list of these trademarks.

Aqua Dam is the registered US trademark of Water Structures Unlimited

Geoweb is the registered trademark of Presto Geosystems

Geoblock is the registered trademark of Presto Geosystems

For any questions regarding trademarks in use by the Layfield Group please contact our VP Technical Services in our Vaughan office.