GEOTERRA Construction Access Mats

GEOTERRA® Mats are leading the construction industry in safety and value.


    • Cost Effective
    • Fast & Easy to Mobilize
    • Strong & Durable
    • Easy on the Environment
    • Versatile use & Reuse
    • Layout Versatility


    • Construction Access Roads
    • Temporary Access for Construction Equipment
    • Oil Drilling Roadways & Platforms
    • Wind Farm Roadways & Staging Areas
    • Heavy Vehicle & Equipment Storage
    • Tower Construction Using Heavy Cranes
    • Cemetery and Utility Access
    • Helipads
    • Field Turf & Lawn Protection
    GEOTERRA Construction Access Mats Specifications

Create access across soft ground with speed, agility, and safety with strong, light-weight GEOTERRA® Construction Mats. Build access roads, work platforms and tracking pads even over poor soils, wet ground and difficult-to-access sites.  Protect lawn from damaging construction traffic.  With a high crush and flexural strength, GEOTERRA ground protection mats deliver support for construction traffic and heavy equipment loads without the expense of heavier HDPE or timber mats!
Performance: GEOTERRA Mats Proven Equivalent to 12 inches of Aggregate

  • GEOTERRA® mats offer contractors a safer way to access sites without heavy equipment.
  • One pallet covers 200 sf, equivalent to an 8 ft. wide x 25 ft. long access road.
  • Strong mats made from weather-resistant recycled polyethylene.
  • Mat sections are “locked” together with Padloc® connection devices. Great for transporting preassembled mats into sites.

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