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Specializes in providing a complete line of Aqua Dam Flood Control Systems, Geogrid Products, High Strength Geotextiles for Soil Reinforcement, Stormwater Solutions, Geotube Containers, Geo Composite Drains, Geomembranes and Floating Covers

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Featured products

Aqua dam

Aqua Dam is a unique, patented idea, that uses water filled tubes to create aqua barriers and control water to prevent flooding.

Floating Covers

Layfield's REVOC floating cover systems are world leading systems for water, wastewater, and other cover applications.

Enviro Liner 6000x

Enviro Liner® 6000x is Layfield's flagship flexible membrane liner geomembrane with exceptional UV resistance and performance.

Enviro Liner 7000

Enviro Liner® 7000 is a flexible membrane liner for extended chemical containment and floating cover use.

GeoWeb Load Support

A cellular confinement system for soil stabilization and load support for roadways and drilling pads on soft soils.

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