Water and Wastewater

Potable Water Storage

After the water has been treated in a treatment plant, it is usually stored in a series of reservoirs, storage tanks or water towers that connect directly to the distribution piping system.

Potable Water Floating Covers

Floating Covers are used to protect treated drinking water. There are a number of issues when it comes to storing potable water. First of all, you need to maintain a safe chlorine content level. Chlorinated water can lose chlorine to the air if the surface of the pond is open.  Precipitation can also dilute the water, and this would require constant addition of chlorine. Floating Covers prevent the loss of chlorine to the atmosphere.  They also protect water from wind-blown dust and dirt.

Aqua Guide Clearwell Baffle Curtains

Layfield provides baffle curtains for clearwells and tanks. Our baffle curtains prevent short cutting and divert the flow of water, increasing chlorine contact time and eliminating dead zones. Fixed baffle curtains can be installed in a concrete clearwell to divert the flow of water. Prefabricated baffles can fit into narrow access ways allowing facility owners to upgrade existing clearwells or tanks without incurring the high costs to renovate the tank structure.

Clearwell Liners

Layfield provides liners for older, leaking clearwells as well as clearwell roof liners to keep contaminants from reaching the well from above. Our clearwell liners are NSF61 certified for potable water containment.


WasteWater Storage

As wastewater treatment standards become more stringent, utilities are faced with increasing demands for wastewater treatment. Layfield provides design and installation support for the construction or expansion of wastewater storage facilities.

Clarifier Floating Covers

Floating covers can prevent the buildup of algae in clarifiers. Insulated covers help control process water temperatures while keeping algae in check. Eliminating algae from your wastewater treatment pond can help keep equipment, such as aerators, operating efficiently and prevent fouling of piping and outlets.

Aqua Guide Floating Baffle Curtains

Baffle curtains can increase the retention time for water in a treatment cell, preventing shortcutting and increasing the capacity of existing treatment facilities.

REVOC Insulated Covers

Insulated floating covers maintain pond temperatures and can extend the treatment season for sewage lagoons and other treatment ponds. These covers integrate easily with baffle curtain systems to increase water treatment in existing facilities.

Biogas Covers

Layfield is also a pioneer in the development of biogas collection covers. Our REVOC® biogas collection covers can turn a wastewater pond into an anaerobic system which can improve wastewater treatment while collecting valuable biogas for other uses.


Our Additional Services


Design and Installation Services

Layfield is a specialized geosynthetics contractor providing construction services across North America, with a focus on geomembranes and floating covers.  Layfield has achieved Approved Installation Contractor status through the International Association of Geosynthetics Installers. Layfield's installation crews are ready to tackle your critical environmental protection project.

Maintenance and Inspection Services

Layfield offers a complete line of inspection and maintenance services for liners, floating cover systems and baffle curtains. Timely inspection of the condition and operational effectiveness of a floating cover will allow you to maintain the performance of the containment system and extend its service life to the maximum extent possible. A professional Layfield inspection will allow a facility owner to budget for major maintenance items and for the eventual replacement of the containment system when further maintenance is impractical.

"We were offered Geogrids made overseas from a small distributor, but we declined as their testing were suspect and they had no reputation in the market. We will only work with reputable suppliers like Layfield as their Geogrids perform as per recognized specifications." Kenny, Engineering & Scientific Consultant,

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About Environmental Containment

Layfield Environmental Containment is a vertically integrated company involved in the manufacturing, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of high performance geomembranes, floating covers, and specialty geosynthetics. We work with end users, consulting engineers and contractors to deliver products and services that protect the environment. Layfield Environmental Containment has strategic locations across North America and internationally.

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Layfield USA was awarded 275 million gallon reservoir liner and floating cover replacement project at El Toro Water District

September 8, 2022

Layfield USA Corp. is pleased to announce the recent award for the supply and installation of a new CSPE geomembrane liner and floating cover system for the El Toro Regional Reservoir for El Toro Water District.   

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