Articulated Concrete Block System

Articulated Concrete Block System is an engineered erosion control product, a great alternative to loose rock rip rap for shore and slope reinforcement.


    • Up to 40% open area for vegetation
    • Cables cast in both directions for connection strength and easy on-site modifications
    • Stainless steel cable/clamping system
    • Pre-attached site specific non-woven geotextile
    • Cable loops on all 4 sides for safe mat-to-mat connection


    • Riverbank Protection                      
    • Culvert Inlet/Outlet Protection
    • Spillways
    • Channel Lining/ Pond Lining
    • Pipeline Protection
    • Lagoon Protection
    • Dam Overflow/Intakes
    • Overflow/Weirs
    • Low water crossings
    • Boat Ramps
    Articulated Concrete Block System Specifications

Product Description

Cable Concrete® is an articulated concrete block revetment system, developed by International Erosion Control Systems, to control various types of erosion due to water, wind, or vehicular traffic.

This system is made up of 2.44m x 4.88m long (8’x16’) mats placed side by side and clamped together to provide one homogeneous erosion protection system. Smaller mats are available as required. The mats consist of concrete blocks interlocked by integrally woven stainless steel cables, which are poured within each block. Geotextile fabric is attached to the base of each concrete mat. The blocks typically have 292.10mm (11.5”) square top faces and 393.70mm (15.5”) square bottoms. Variations between the mat systems are the block heights and weights.

It is recommended that after the installation of the mat system the void spaces be backfilled (and seeded if vegetation is desired). Vegetation will provide more erosion protection as well as an even surface for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Any surface application should be placed after the inspection of the clamping and anchoring system.

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