Geoweb Slope and Channel Protection

Geoweb Geocells are specialty 3-dimensional structures that may be used for slope and channel protection applications.


    • Cellular confinement hold infill materials in place
    • Creates a flexible pavement to protect against erosion
    • Can be filled with clear stone, gravel, soil (vegetated), or concrete
    • Textured cell wall helps hold infill
    • Drainage holes in cell walls promote drainage


    • Erosion protection for slopes
    • Erosion and scour protection in channels
    • Protection of Geomembranes for Covers and Containment
    • Facings on steepened slopes and retaining walls
    • Landfills and berms
    Geoweb Slope and Channel Protection Specifications

Product Description

Geoweb® geocells are excellent tools for erosion control. The Geoweb system can be placed on a slope or in a channel and then infilled with various erosion protection fills, such as topsoil, gravel, crushed rock, or even concrete. 

The 3-dimensional Geoweb structure holds the upper soil layer on the slope and prevents washout from water action or other erosive forces. In sandy soils, subject to wind erosion, the Geoweb system helps retain soils until vegetation has a chance to establish itself. On steeper slopes, the Geoweb system can help to hold embankment soils in place.

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