Geomembrane Liners

Layfield manufactures, fabricates, and installs most types of geomembranes.Geomembranes are our most important and diverse group of products. Our fortified flexible membrane liner materials are heavily treated with special stabilizers providing enhanced UV, heat, and chemical resistance. 

With our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled installation team, we manufacture, fabricate, and install a wider variety of geomembranes than most other providers. We specialize in geomembranes for all containment applications.

Layfield manufactures some of the industry’s best performing geomembranes, as well as a variety of standard grade polyethylene geomembranes. Layfield also provides factory-fabricated geomembranes, reducing field seaming and installation costs.

Layfield's Geomembrane Service and Support:

We regularly assist our engineers, contractors, and other customers with technical support such as material evaluation and selection, standard detail drawings, specifications, and application design assistance. Layfield is also here for your geomembrane roll stock needs! We provide roll stock at all of our locations across North America for convenient pickup or shipment. 

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