PVC was one of the first materials used for geomembranes and remains an economical and versatile choice.


    • One of the most flexible geomembranes available
    • The easiest material to weld or bond
    • A 60-year history of use
    • Conforms to subgrades better than other liners


    • PVC is normally backfilled for all uses
    • Canal and water containment liners
    • Landfill caps
    • Heap leach mining applications
    PVC Specifications

Product Description

Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride films (usually called PVC) have been used for geomembrane applications for over 60 years. PVC films are blends of rigid PVC (such as in PVC pipe) with softening agents called plasticizers. These plasticizers make the PVC soft and supple so that it can be rolled, fabricated, and placed as a liner material in complex installations. PVC is an elastic material that can conform readily to irregular shapes and differential settlement. PVC is one of the most versatile plastics available with formulations that can provide oil resistance, UV stability, low-temperature resistance, and other specific properties. PVC is also the easiest material to repair with repair kits available. Standard formulations of PVC geomembrane materials are blended for longevity and low cost. Layfield's PVC materials meet the requirements of ASTM D7176 Standard Specification for Non-reinforced Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Geomembranes.

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