SEI Insta-Berm

SEI Insta-Berm is a fully collapsible berm for secondary containment.


    • The L-shaped rods hold up walls, but fold down easily for entry and exit.
    • A fully collapsible system.
    • The particular wall design allows vehicles to be driven in and out of the berm.
    • Rapid deployment without any specialized tools.
    • Cost-efficient compared to air-inflated models.


    • Secondary containment needs.
    • Storage of toxic materials and prevention of spillage.
    • Used for wastewater, petroleum products and other chemicals.
    SEI Insta-Berm Specifications

SEI Insta-Berm Arctic Shield

The SEI Insta-Berm provides secondary containment under fuel tanks and drums. It's a fully collapsible berm that is easy and quick to deploy. The Insta-Berm guards against toxic spillage and is made from chemical resistant materials.

This berm uses L-rods inside fabric pockets to provide support. It can be used in nearly any situation where the need arises for secondary containment or storage of toxic materials. The Insta-Berm is constructed with temperature-proof Artic-Shield fabric, which has a resistance to -50 degrees F / -46 degrees C.

The Insta-Berm comes in many different sizes and can also be manufactured to custom size requirements. It can be constructed with different types of fabric, depending on your specific needs.

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