SEI Mini-Berm

SEI Mini-Berm is a lightweight solution for spill containment.


    • Resistant to fuels, oils and most chemicals, including acids.
    • Entirely reusable and compact as it is a collapsible solution.
    • Option to attach a drain fitting.
    • Optional berm handles can be attached.


    • Containment of wastewater, petroleum products and various other chemicals.
    • Storage of toxic materials.
    • Spillage prevention.
    SEI Mini-Berm Specifications

SEI Mini-Berm Arctic Shield

The SEI Mini-Berm is an ultra-lightweight solution for clean-up operations and spill containment. A Mini-Berm tray is extremely easy to place under valves and fittings, trucks, pumps and machinery.

The Mini-Berm is a convenient solution and is entirely reusable as well. It's made of Artic-Shield fabric, which can withstand temperatures as low as -50 F / - 46 C. The fabric is resistant to most chemicals as well.

It's a compact solution that is available in different sizes. It's designed to take standard-sized sorbent pads and complies with EPA standards.


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