Enviro Liner 4000 - Frac Water Tank

LOCATION: NE British Columbia  TIMEFRAME: March, 2010  PRODUCT: Enviro Liner® 4030, Steel Water Tank (1.5 million liters capacity) PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Junior Oil and Gas producer Supply and Install: Layfield

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The Challenge

A junior oil and gas exploration company contacted Layfield for a cost effective solution to provide on site water storage for an on going drilling and completion project in North Eastern British Columbia. This project is part of the ongoing efforts to exploit resources in the Deep Basin shale gas region. The oil and gas exploration company required approximately 1,500 m3 (1.5 million liters) of water storage. There were several challenges including a tight delivery and installation timeline, remote location and the requirement for a fabricated valve flange and pipe boot.

The Solution

Layfield provided a complete containment solution, including the frac water tank, a geomembrane lining material, and installation services. Layfield supplied a 96’ diameter by 7’4” high engineered water tank with a capacity of 1,490m3 (52,600 ft3 / 1.49 million liters). Layfield’s Frac Water Tanks feature heavy gauge G115 galvanized steel construction, the highest grade of galvanizing in the industry, which results in longer product life and durability. The modular design bolts together easily and requires less time to install than other containment systems. Layfield supplied the made-to-order steel system in less than 3 days.

Layfield also fabricated a custom-sized Enviro Liner® 4030 geomembrane, which is a specialized polyethylene lining material that combines flexibility, UV stability, and chemical resistance. One additonal challenge was the fabrication of a 12” pipe with a bolted valve mounting flange through the tank wall. This penetration required a hole to be cut in the tank wall and the placing of a custom pipe boot that was fitted and welded to the Enviro Liner (geomembrane).
12” pipe with a bolted valve flange.


The entire process from initial contact to installation on site was completed in less than 10 days – quite remarkable considering the scope of the project that required a complete containment system including a made-to-order steel water tank and a factory fabricated geomembrane. The oil and gas producer is very satisfied with the performance of the containment system and the quality and professionalism of Layfield’s installation crews. The containment system is still in service and working as deployed.