Enviro Liner 6000 - Frac Water Storage Pond

LOCATION: Horn River Basin, NE British Columbia TIMEFRAME: January, 2009 PRODUCT: Enviro Liner® 6140,Geocomposite leak detection layer, Enviro Liner® 4040 PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Petro Canada Limited Design/Build: Layfield Materials Supplier: Layfield

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The Challenge

The Horn River Shale formation in British Columbia, Canada is a natural gas shale field located deep below the earth surface and is one of the largest shale gas fields in North America. The Gunnell Creek area in the Horn River Basin contains sweet gas trapped in a barrier reef complex and several Oil and Gas producers, including Petro Canada had been actively exploring the region.

In January 2009, Petro Canada approached Layfield with a design build request of a 15,000 m3 double lined leak detection pond with inspection sump as required to support its drilling and completions operations in the region. Layfield worked closely with the owner and the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission (BCOGC) to develop a suitable design, and select and install the correct materials in a timely cost effect fashion.

One challenge associated with this project was the request of Petro Canada to back flow fluids from the well head at elevated temperatures. These frac fluids carry contaminants that could be harmful to certain types of liner materials and contain surfactants that can cause stress cracking of HDPE. Layfield worked closely with the owner to develop a protocol and design that would mitigate these concerns.

Other challenges included a tight winter construction schedule and a very remote site location. Given the challenging project conditions, Petro Canada chose Layfield due to the company’s extensive design and construction experience under tough conditions.

The Solution

Following the BC Oil and Gas Commission’s guidelines, Layfield recommended the use of a double lined system with a double sided geocomposite leak detection layer. Enviro Liner® 6140, a premium textured geomembrane designed for long term UV exposure, was selected as the primary liner due to its ability to resist chemicals and contaminants from frac fluids. Textured material was chosen as supplementary safety protocol for this mid-winter installation.

Enviro Liner® 4040 was a good choice for a secondary geomembrane given its chemical resistant properties and the ability to pre-fabricate large panels in advance of shipping material to the remote site. Additional material was deployed as a splash pad to protect the liner surface during filling and pumping operations.


Layfield’s experienced installation crew successfully completed the installation of this 15,000 m3 doubled lined leak detection pond in 10 days under harsh winter conditions. Layfield supplied a turn key solution including the supply of a custom fabricated leak detection monitoring well.

Layfield put special care to supply materials that met and exceeded the guidelines put forth by the BC Oil and Gas Commission for in-ground water storage systems. The result was a cost effective, quality installation.