Enviro Liner 6000 - Golf Course Irrigation Reservoir

LOCATION: Uxbridge, ON TIMEFRAME: Winter 2006 (10 day install) SCOPE OF WORK: Manufacture & install flexible geomembrane reservoir liner

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Challenge: A new golf course was constructed in a former aggregate quarry site near Uxbridge, Ontario Canada in 2006. Storage of irrigation water proved to be a challenge in the highly permeable soils in the area of the new 

reservoir. From a construction perspective, the next challenge was to manufacture and install a reservoir liner in difficult winter conditions in order to prepare for capture of the spring rains, just in time for the next growing season.

Solution: Layfield manufactured, supplied, and installed a flexible geomembrane system with high levels of UV resistance and flexibility. Total installation time was only 10 days.

Materials Used: 30,000 m2 of Enviro Liner 6030 was installed in this 102,000 m3 reservoir. Layfield controlled the entire process from plastic extrusion to factory fabrication to final installation and testing, giving the owner peace of mind along with a 20 year material warranty.

Special Features: The Enviro Liner’s flexibility and low temperature resistance allowed for efficient installation in below freezing temperatures. Pre-fabrication of the liner helped our crews take advantage of fair weather windows and factory seaming enhanced the quality control.