Enviro Liner 6000HD - Secondary Containment for Deicing Fluids

LOCATION: London, Ontario TIMEFRAME: August 2011 SCOPE OF WORK: Design, Supply and Installation of Secondary Containment System PROJECT PARTNERS Layfield Environmental Systems & Ministry of Transportation of Ontario

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Environment Canada’s Code of Practice for Environmental Management of Road Salts require the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario to maintain a salt management plan to include environmental protection from damages caused by Pre-wetting and Anti-Icing Liquids stored at the MTO storage yards across Ontario. The MTO conducted an extensive review of the containment systems at MTO facilities and it was determined improvements were necessary to maintain compliance to the Environmental Protection Requirement (EPR). MTO contacted Layfield to participate in a pilot project to design and install a secondary containment system for deicing fluids stored in tanks at the Westminister Patrol Yard in London, Ontario. The secondary containment system design needed to be expandable, include a impermeable lining system for containment during a spill, safe access year round and option to recapture liquids in case of a spill.


Layfield designed a secondary containment system using the newly formulated Enviroliner HD geomembrane and a Westeel ZGD Galvanized Secondary Containment Ring. The containment system measured 16.5’ x 82.3’ x 33” high and provided containment volume of 88,420L. The Enviroliner HD was selected due to its ability to be prefabricated for quick installation, chemical compatibility to Anti-Icing Liquids, and advanced UV inhibitors to offer long term exposed application. The Westeel Secondary Containment Berm with cross over stair kit provided a durable, modular design which allowed a quick installation and option for expansion should the needs arise. The cross over stair kit was added to allow safe access year round to the containment tank during operation. For additional protection and operational safety, a double sided Non-woven Geocomposite was included to provide surface protection on the floor of the containment system and to protect the liner from damage during operation of the Anti-Icing storage system.


The installation was completed by Layfield Environmental Systems mobilized from the Vaughan Ontario location. Due to the prefabricated design and modular system the installation took only 3 days and did not interfere with the daily operations in the MTO yard. The project was completed on time and in time for the start of winter season. MTO now has a secondary containment system for Pre-wetting Fluids and Deicing fluids which meets Environment Canada’s Code.

Wayne Chalkey who operates the Westminister Patrol Yard where the system is installed is very pleased with the solution Layfield has provided. MTO will consider our system for protection at other storage yards.