Enviro Liner 6040 - Sanitary Sewage Lagoon Upgrade

LOCATION: Township of Warwick, Lambton County Ontario TIMEFRAME: November 2010 SCOPE OF WORK: Engineering design, Supply and Installation of lagoon lining and baffle curtain PROJECT PARTNERS Owner: Township of Warwick Client: Van Bree Drainage and Bulldozing Installation: EL6040-HD and XR-5 Baffle curtain

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The town of Warwick is a rural township in Lambton County Ontario with a population of approximately 4000 people. In July 2010 the Township of Warwick was given a certificate of approval from the Ontario Ministry of Environment to upgrade the existing sanitary sewage treatment lagoon. This upgrade was necessary do to new regulations imposed by the MOE. The upgrade included the construction of a lined aeration lagoon cell approximately 67mx67mx3.1m deep and a sedimentation lagoon reed bed measuring approximately 100m long x 67m wide x 2.7m deep with baffle.


Layfield was awarded the sub-contract by the general contractor Van Bree Drainage and Bulldozing from Forest Ontario to complete the supply and installation using the newly formulated Enviro Liner 6040HD geomembrane liner manufactured by Layfield and XR-5 Baffle Curtains. Layfield was selected to complete the installation based on reliability and past experience with installations of this nature in previous projects. In addition to installation and supply of the geomembrane lining and baffles Layfield was also contracted to provide Engineering from London Ontario.

The selection of the materials were completed and the newly formulated Enviroliner EL6040HD Layfield’s proprietary geomembrane was selected due to outstanding 25 year weathering warranty, chemical resistance and cold temperature handling for the lagoon lining. A layer of LP16 non-woven geotextile was included as a protective layer between the liner and potential damaging subgrade. The XR-5 Supported geomembrane was chosen as the baffle curtain material due to low elongation met by supported scrim and durable construction necessary in baffle curtain design.


The project installation began in Nov 2010 and took 5 days to complete. Heavy rainfall and cold temperature caused constructions delays as a result of ice buildup and dewatering. These delays required additional mobilizations by Layfield installation crews who were mobilized out of Layfield Vaughan. To make up for these delays and meet the tight construction schedule, the crews worked during the weekend to make up for lost time and complete the project on time for the general contractor.

Both the general contractor and the Township of Warwick are very pleased with the selection of Layfield to complete the supply and installation as well as the materials chosen remarked Victor Lopes who is Project Superintendant for Van Bree Drainage and Bulldozing. The completed project is scheduled for commissioning in July 2011.