Enviro Liner 6040HD & LP 16 Non-woven - Fire & Irrigation Pond

LOCATION: Stanwood, WA  TIMEFRAME: October/November 2011 SCOPE OF WORK: EnviroLiner 6040HD Geomembrane and LP 16 Non-Woven Geotextile for a fire and irrigation pond. PROJECT PARTNERS: HD Fowler Westcoast Excavators

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Bayern Moor Farms had an existing pond that leaked and needed to be upgraded to hold additional water reserves for future irrigation needs and to meet local fire codes for water volume (fire pond). The existing pond was in poor condition and required a geomembrane to hold water throughout the year.

There were steep slopes with a questionable subgrade, not allowing for a traditional soil backfill protecting the geomembrane from weathering and possible maintenance damage. The project was scheduled for a rainy Pacific Northwest winter that would limit access to the pond and the ability to install the geomembrane.


Bayern Moor Farms needed a fix that would offer them a quick installation and long term weathering durability, while resisting a complex subgrade and be able to meet budget requirements. Layfield used a three fold process of a LP 16 Non-Woven cushion geotextile to protect the geomembrane from a rough subgrade, an Enviro Liner 6040 HD with the ability to resist long term exposure to the elements, with large prefabricated panels up to 12,750 sf minimizing onsite installation time. Layfield installation services used local labor while supervising the installation welding and testing of all seams and penetrations to insure a sound and complete installation.


The project was completed on schedule. The pond is now an attractive and functional part of the Bayern Moor Farm with several more ponds planned for the future.