Enviro Liner 6060 – Manure Lagoon Dairy Farm in Chilliwack BC

LOCATION: Chilliwack BC TIMEFRAME: September 2012 SCOPE OF WORK: 250’ x 350’ Dairy Manure Lagoon with Depths starting at 14’ going to 16’20’ x 20’ pocket in one cornerTwo 6” penetrations PROJECT PARTNERS: Large Dairy Farm – Facility Owner

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Background Information and Challenge

Layfield was selected to complete the installation based on reliability and past experience with installations of this nature in previous projects The selection of the materials was completed and Layfield’s proprietary Enviro Liner 6060HD geomembrane was selected due to its outstanding performance properties.  60 mil thickness was necessary to overcome the abuse from the manure pond’s agitator equipment.  The superior UV and anti oxidant resins in the Enviro Liner will make sure the liner has the longest weathering stability in the marketplace today. With the numerous cobbles in the subgrade, it is important that the Enviro Liner’s 6060HD puncture resistance is the best available because of the potential subsidence/differential settlement issues.  In addition, the flexibility of Enviro Liner 6060HD shows excellent test results when exposed to cyclic loading – helping with installation and maintaining its tensile strength throughout its lifetime.

Solution and Results

The project installation began in September 2012 and took six days to complete with three Layfield Geomembrane Technicians and four construction laborers supplied by the general contractor. Weather was clear and sunny everyday during the installation and there were no delays. Both the general contractor and Corner Pride Farms are very pleased with the selection of Layfield to complete the supply and installation as well as the Enviro Liner 6060HD material chosen.