Enviro Liner Geomembrane - Waste Water Treatment

LOCATION: South Australia TIMEFRAME: December 2009 PRODUCT: Enviro Liner® Geomembrane PROJECT PARTNERS Geomembrane Supplier: Layfield Installer: Geomate

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The problem was to find a way to treat ‘B’ grade waste water (effluent) so that it could be used by medium sized irrigators as an alternative to them taking potable water directly from the mains. The challenge was to design & construct 275kL water tanks that could not only hold the treated water but could also assist in the treatment process. This required the use of fixed baffle curtains that were built directly in the tank. The tank lining material had to be compatible with raw effluent and be able to cope with constant changes in water levels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The client required a solution that was not only reliable but also cost effective as the project was funded in most part by local wineries and irrigators.


The fabrication and installation of baffle curtains by Geomate a leading Australian fabricator & installer ensured all waste water entering the tanks followed a specific path and treatment process prior to being pumped out to irrigators. By having the water flow through the path created by the curtains it ensured the water would receive the proper amount of treatment. The water works its way from the inlet to the outlet using the baffle curtains and the wall as a barrier to give a complete circulation verses a circular motion in the absence of baffles. Enviro Liner® 6040 was chosen ahead of HDPE. Enviro Liner® allowed for the tank liners to be prefabricated and installed on site with minimal on site fabrication time. Enviro Liner® 6030 was chosen for the baffle curtains as the material could be prefabricated and simply hung during the construction of the tanks.


The tanks were constructed on site and ready for use within 5 days. This was only possible due to the large amount of prefabrication work performed on the Enviro Liner® prior to arriving on site. The Enviro Liner® solution also meant significant material cost savings were realized when compared to other solutions such as concrete tanks and on site fabrication of HDPE. As the tanks have been performing just as they were designed to, the client was more than happy with the savings and performance of the Enviro Liner® solution.