EnviroLiner 6040 Modular Insulated Cover - Sewage Lagoon


The Village of Entwistle was looking to construct 2 new anaerobic cells and a Facultative Cell for their sewage lagoons. Stantec Consulting was working with the County to reduce odors from the anaerobic cells. The budget was relatively small (small Village), so Stantec and the County were looking for cost-effective methods of attaining this odor-control solution.


Layfield ESL Edmonton submitted budgetary pricing to Stantec based on preliminary standard MIC (Modular Insulated Cover) components (MIC pins, EL6040 with 2” Type 3 EPS foam). The project was tendered, with Layfield ‘Insulated Covers’, without any detailed drawings. Once awarded to the General Contractor (Gabriel), we began discussions aimed at finalizing the cover design, minimizing costs, and enhancing constructability/removability. Layfield decided on a design to include a perimeter EL skirt, and the MIC panels all laced together with SS cable, and the panels SS grometed. The cover will be relatively modular.

The floating baffle s in the Frac Cell were another design challenge for Layfield had to come up with something that would work for the long distance across the pond with no intermediate berms available to attach to. Layfield ended up fabricating 1.8m high x approx 150m long XR5 curtain. The curtains were fabricated with the SS cable and EPS floats welded into two separate pockets allowing for the curtains to be anchored to the shore.


The General contractor on site did not keep an open window of communication from the start of the project. Eventually the fall installation was pushed to winter, and then postponed until spring 2011. The MIC panels were all fabricated with custom 8’ wide EL panels, to reduce material waste. They were field-grometed during installation.