AquaDam Flood Control

Protecting Your Communities, Businesses, And Critical Infrastructure

As flood waters approach, you need a quick and effective solution to defend your property and redirect water away from valuable infrastructure. AquaDam® is a unique temporary protective solution that uses any source of available water to hold back and control flooding.

The speed and convenience of AquaDams for flood control allows homeowners and emergency responders to protect large areas from flood damage with minimal effort. More efficient and cost-effective, two laborers can install a 100ft AquaDam in 20 minutes, ten times faster than a standard sandbag berm and at only an estimated 25% of the cost.

It is estimated that most flood damage is caused by less than 12″ (300 mm) of water, making AquaDam® flood control dams an effective tool for your emergency response plan.

Why Use AquaDam® For Flood Control?

Affordable Flood Solution

AquaDams offer 25% or more savings over sandbags and can be cleaned and reused with proper handling.

Deploys Quickly and Easily

AquaDam® is up to ten times faster to install than sandbags and requires only two workers for proper installation, reducing cost and potential injury.

Protects the Environment

Single-use sandbags are often landfilled due to contamination by floodwaters. AquaDams can be deflated, re-used, and kept out of landfills, significantly reducing the impact on our environment.

Additional Features

  • Highly effective temporary flood prevention
  • Cost-effective compared to sandbags and other systems
  • Roll-resistant
  • Flexible barriers that can be joined for any length
  • Can be deployed with minimal labor
  • Can be cleaned and reused with proper handling
AquaDam Flood Control


AquaDam® allows you to quickly intervene when sudden flooding threatens your home and property, helping to create an impenetrable barrier to protect you against flood damage for as long as you need it.


Ensure that critical access points are kept open and clear during flood events. You will keep roads open for traffic and emergency help by diverting flood water away.


The AquaDam® provides reliable, large-scale flood protection for industrial and commercial facilities, ensuring your property remains protected in any flood event.

Product Details

AquaDam® flood control barriers have proven to be an effective tool for flood prevention and protection. Affordable, effective, safe, and easy to install, they save time, labor, and money compared to sandbags and other flood control devices.


Specification Sheet

AquaDam® Flood Control Technical Specifications

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Case Studies

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AquaDam Flood Control

Presented by Rohit Sati, Technical Product Manager – Containment and Enclosure Systems, and Justin Gouthreau, Engineering Business Manager, discussing the AquaDams® rapid response barrier system to protect against flooding. Our webinar will focus on five attributes associated with AquaDam® Flood Control Systems.

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