High Temp

Layfield provides high service temperature geomembranes for your critical containment applications.


    • Specially formulated to resist heat degradation
    • Polymers inherently resistant to high temperatures
    • Stabilized to withstand high temperatures
    • Supported and unsupported materials available


    • Secondary containment under heated storage tanks
    • Secondary containment of heavy oil and oil sands tanks
    • Containment of liquid molten sulphur
    • Containment for brine evaporation ponds
    High Temp Specifications

Product Description

Usually, the service temperature of a geomembrane is the ambient temperature of the containment. In certain specialized applications, the service temperature can be much higher. Higher temperatures can challenge the longevity of geomembrane materials. Layfield has developed a selection of geomembrane materials that are specifically designed to combat the effects of elevated thermal stress. High-temperature resistant geomembranes are specially formulated to resist the degradation that can be brought about by heat. Heat accelerates the natural ageing process of a polymer and can reduce the expected service life. Layfield's High Temp series of secondary containment geomembranes provide excellent chemical resistance and high thermal properties. HAZGARD 5000HT is available on a high strength fabric while our unsupported HT 2000 is available as a more economical choice.

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