New geomembrane with 25 year warranty.

September 16, 2010

Calgary, Alberta,  – Layfield Group,, a leader in providing Geosynthetics and Environmental Containment Solutions is proud to announce the launch of Enviro Liner® 6000HD; a premier grade geomembrane that combines the best properties of flexible polyolefin alloys and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) in one technically advanced formulation.

Enviro Liner® 6000HD has superior performance characteristics to HDPE and most other industry geomembranes, including superior UV resistance, tensile strength, and flexibility. A big advantage of Enviro Liner® 6000HD is that its flexibility allows it to be factory fabricated, unlike HDPE that is assembled in the field. Enviro Liner® 6000HD is thermally welded together in the factory to form large geomembrane panels. The installation of large panels on site significantly reduces installation times and dependency on weather elements.

Enviro Liner® 6000HD is engineered for a wide variety of demanding oilfield petrochemical applications such as secondary containment of hydrocarbons and chemicals. Enviro Liner 6000HD is also ideal for water management applications, including potable water and is certified by the US National Sanitation Foundation for drinking water system components (NSF 61). Moreover, Enviro Liner® 6000HD is suitable for solid waste containment, primary containment of mine tailings, and waste water applications.

Enviro Liner® 6000HD is manufactured by Layfield in North America and is available in 20, 30, and 40 mil thicknesses. An extended 25 year exposed service weathering warranty is available on approved applications (for 30, and 40 mil thicknesses).

Some of the main features of Enviro Liner® 6000HD include:

Advanced weathering resistance - The Enviro Liner® 6000 formulation includes an advanced UV inhibitor/antioxidant additive package which makes Enviro Liner® 6000 the most durable thin film geomembrane available on the market for exposed service applications. Enviro Liner® 6000HD retained 95% of its tensile strength after being exposed to 30,000 hours of accelerated weathering testing which is equivalent to 30 years of exposed service life.

Superior Tensile Strength - The Enviro Liner® 6000HD formulation yields a higher tensile strength compared to an HDPE without compromising the flexibility of the geomembrane. Our improved formulation significantly improved tensile strengths by almost 25% when compared to HDPE (GRI GM 13 spec).

Outstanding flexibility - Enviro Liner® 6000HD’s flexibility allows it to be factory fabricated under controlled conditions. Factory fabricated geomembrane liners can be deployed very quickly in the field since they require less field seams.

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About Layfield:

Layfield is vertically integrated with a registered Management System that complies with the ISO 9001 standard. Layfield provides products and services to a number of environmental, construction and industrial market applications. Layfield recently surpassed 32 years in business and today has operations in San Diego, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto. Please visit our website at for further information on our company products and services.

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