Vacuum Seal Packaging

vacuum-seal bag

Vacuum seal bags are a specialized packaging solution crafted to eliminate air, creating a vacuum that efficiently compresses and stores items. Widely utilized for minimizing the volume of bulky items, these bags are tailored to facilitate oxygen permeation through the film, making them ideal for specific food items.

  • Airtight seal for superior protection
  • Space-efficient storage
  • Durable material for long-term storage

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Product features

  • Zipper Closure: Equipped with a convenient zipper closure, facilitating easy packaging, secure sealing, and reusability for added convenience.
  • One-way Valve: Integrates a one-way valve, enabling air removal while preventing re-entry into the packaging, ensuring a tight seal.
  • Oxygen Permeable: Designed to be breathable, these bags ensure product protection by allowing controlled oxygen permeation. This feature maintains product integrity, extends distribution timelines, and enhances product quality.
  • High Shrink: Utilizing high shrink material, these bags provide a tightly conforming fit, enabling swift chilling of products and efficient shipping at the lowest possible temperature.

Product Applications

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Meats
  • Cheese
  • Grains
  • Electronics
  • Medical supplies
  • Bulk packaging
  • Wine and liquor
  • Pet food storage

Market Applications

  1. Dairy Packaging


  • Cheese


  1. Frozen Food Packaging


  • Red meat
  • Poultry
  • Seafood


  1. Protein Packaging


  • Meat Products
    • Beef
    • Chicken
    • Turkey
    • Pork
    • Sausages
    • Deli meats
    • Fish fillets
    • Shrimp
    • Lobster
    • Crab



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