Flat Bottom Bag

flat-bottom bag

Flat-bottom bags, are a dynamic alternative to rigid packaging, featuring a fully flat base when open. While these packaging formats are a perfect match for coffee brand owners, they also stand out as an excellent choice for a diverse range of consumer goods across various markets, facilitating quicker and easier filling processes.

They can be equipped with a 3-ply lamination, offering superior flavor and aroma protection. This not only enhances overall quality but also optimizes loading efficiency while minimizing dead space at the bottom.

  • Efficient shelf space utilization
  • Advanced barrier properties
  • Convenient filling and sealing

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Product features

  • Window Features: Some bags may include a transparent window for enhanced product visibility
  • Degassing Valves: Utilizing one-way degassing valves enables the release of gases while preventing the entry of air, thus preserving freshness
  • Closure Mechanisms: Choices may encompass resealable zippers, ensuring a user-friendly customer experience

Product Applications

  • Coffee Packaging
  • Dry Food Products
  • Grains and Rice
  • Ready-to-Eat Meals
  • Snack Foods
  • Pet Food
  • Dried Fruits and Nuts
  • Bakery Products
  • Confectionery Products
  • Frozen Foods
  • Protein Powders and Supplements
  • Organic and Specialty Foods

Market Applications

Dry Pet Food Packaging


  • Kibble
  • Dehydrated dog food
  • Freeze dried
  • Baked


Pet Treat Packaging


  • Bones
  • Jerky
  • Baked
  • Biscuits & Cookies
  • Tripe Sticks
  • Dental Chews
  • Pill pockets
  • Rawhide chews


Pet Litter Packaging


  • Pelleted litter
  • Shavings
  • Shredded paper
  • Bedding
  • Clumping clay
  • Non clumping
  • Silica gel
  • Pelleted Litter
  • Wood Shavings
  • Shredded paper
  • Wheat / corn based
  • Biodegradable
  • Flushable
  • Bedding (for rabbits, hamsters, ferrets etc)

1. Protein Packaging


  • Plant-based Protein Products
  • Protein Bars and Snacks
  • Nut and Seed Products
  • Protein Powders and Supplements


  1. Dry Food Packaging


  • Cereals & Grains
  • Granola
  • Breads & Crackers
  • Tree Nuts & Seeds
  • Dry Pasta



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