Store Drop-off Recyclable Packaging

Store Drop off Recyclable Packaging

Store Drop-off Recyclable Labels

Consumers are yearning for more sustainable packaging, but manufacturers are struggling to find recyclable plastic solutions.

Layfield’s Store Drop-off Recyclable technology is a high-barrier packaging solution that consumers can recycle with ease when accepted in stores.


Why Choose Layfield's Store Drop-off Recyclable Packaging?

Eye-Catching Appeal

Make your products shine with vibrant, high-definition Rotogravure printing, grabbing attention and outshining competitors.

Robust Protection

Ensure product stability and longevity with our exceptionally strong and durable films, safeguarding your valuable product.

Custom Solutions

Leverage our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities to create customized packaging solutions backed by expertise and experience.

PCR Sustainable Flexible Packaging

How to Switch to Store Drop off Recyclable Packaging

Store Drop-off Recyclable Packaging is designed to be easily recycled at specific drop off locations in participating stores.

Layfield’s materials are already pre-qualified to use How2Recycle’s Store Drop-off label. This form of packaging is specifically designed to be conveniently recycled at designated drop off points in participating stores.

PCR Recycled Flexible Food Packaging

Benefits of Store Drop-off Recycling

Understanding the benefits of store drop-off recycling is the first step in this process, as it allows for easy and convenient recycling of various materials. There are different types of recyclable packaging to choose from stand-up, flat-bottom and pinch-bottom pouches and films.

Store Drop-off Recyclable Packaging environmental benefits:

  • Reducing Landfill Waste
  • Conserving Resources
  • Saving Energy
Woman holding StoreDrop-off-Recycle Food Packaging

Understanding Recyclable Packaging

Understanding recyclable packaging is crucial in our efforts to lead a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Recyclable packaging refers to materials that can be reclaimed and processed into new products.

How2Recycle label system

The How2Recycle® label is a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the
public. New members will receive relevant How2Recycle®
labels for their package. Embrace the recycling revolution and empower consumers with smart packaging labels!


How to Recycle Store Drop-off Recyclable Packaging

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