PIR Post Industrial Recycled Films and Packaging


Welcome to a sustainable packaging future with our PIR – Post Industrial Recycled Films. We’re revolutionizing the industry by transforming manufacturing and production scrap into high-quality, performance-driven films and bags.

Post-Industrial Recycled (PIR) plastic film combines efficiency with sustainability. Seamlessly fitting into your workflow, it aids organizations in achieving their Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

Its innovative, durable design promotes a high-quality, eco-friendly future.

PIR Post Industrial Recycled Garbage Products


Post-INDUSTRIAL Recycled (PIR) Flexible FILMS and Packaging

  • Lowers carbon footprints
  • High-performing bags, elevated with cutting-edge recycling technology
  • Engineered from recovered plastic materials
  • Diverts traditionally non-recyclable materials away from landfills
Plastic Resin

Transforming Plastic Scraps into Resilient Resin

Our advanced recycling machines adeptly convert post-industrial byproducts into resilient resin, fostering a cycle of zero-waste production.

Embrace a sustainable future with us—where turning plastic scraps into value means less energy and a greener tomorrow.

NGR Next Generation Recycling PIR

Next Generation Recycling (NGR) Technology

Our innovative approach utilizes cutting-edge NGR recycling technologies to engineer films from recovered plastic materials, ensuring that what was once considered non-recyclable now plays a crucial role in reducing environmental impact.

Industrial Recycled Plastic for sustainability

easy for consumers

Effortlessly support sustainability by choosing products made from recycled materials. By using PIR packaging, consumers actively contribute to lowering the environmental impact of plastic waste.


Embrace a greener world with us as we commit to lowering carbon footprints and diverting waste away from landfills, one package at a time.

Three Steps to Sustainable Success
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Sustainable Food Packaging

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Choose Layfield Flexible Films' PCR materials to upgrade your packaging game and enhance your brand's commitment to sustainability.

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