Bag in Box Packaging

Bag in Box Film

Bag-in-box packaging is a versatile and efficient solution designed to meet the diverse needs of liquid and semi-liquid products across various industries. This innovative packaging format typically consists of a flexible bag housed within a rigid, durable box or carton. The bag has a dispensing tap or spout for easy and controlled pouring.

One of the primary advantages of bag-in-box packaging lies in its ability to preserve product freshness and quality over an extended period. The airtight seal of the bag prevents contaminants from entering, ensuring the integrity of the contents. This makes it particularly suitable for packaging liquids such as beverages, sauces, syrups, and even non-food items like detergents and industrial liquids.

Layfield’s bag-in-box is meticulously crafted to deliver a secure and airtight seal, featuring customizable barriers that elevate the shelf life and freshness of the enclosed products. Additionally, it offers an optimal film for embossing, ensuring higher yield and minimal product waste.

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Product features

  • Barrier Properties: Excellent barrier properties to protect the contents from oxygen, moisture, light, and other external factors.
  • Flexibility and Strength: Flexible enough to conform to the shape of the box and withstand the rigors of handling and transportation without tearing or puncturing.
  • Sealing Performance: Excellent sealing properties to ensure a secure and leak-proof seal between the film layers and the box.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with the filling equipment used for bag-in-box packaging systems.
  • Chemical Resistance: Good chemical resistance to prevent interactions that could affect the taste, odor, or safety of the packaged product.

Product Applications

  • Wine
  • Beverages
  • Syrups
  • Detergents

Market Applications

  1. Liquid and Beverage Packaging


  • Juice
  • Syrups
  • Wine & Spirits

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