PCR Flexible Food Packaging

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Flexible Food Packaging

  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Extend product shelf-life
  • Boost sales and enhance appeal with stunning finishes and graphics
  • Maintain premium packaging look and feel
  • Impress customers with 12-color, high-definition printing

PCR Food Packaging

post-consumer recycled

Elevate your brand with Layfield’s cutting-edge, eco-friendly PCR solutions: PCR PET film, PCR HDPE, and PCR LDPE/LLDPE. Our FDA-approved, certified materials exemplify our unwavering commitment to¬†delivering superior, environmentally responsible packaging that inspires positive change.

Expertly crafted from recycled water bottles, milk bottles, and repurposed clear packaging materials, PCR PET film, PCR HDPE, and PCR LDPE/LLDPE embody sustainable innovation.

With trusted suppliers ensuring FDA compliance and audited content verified by organizations like SCS Global, you can confidently embrace our sustainable products to enhance your brand’s environmental impact.

PCR Recycled Flexible Food Packaging

Pcr: reviving plastics

PCR Packaging offers a sustainable choice without compromising quality or performance. Seamlessly integrated into your supply chain, it enables customers to make a positive environmental impact with ease, meeting the needs of your eco-conscious clientele.

PCR Sustainable Flexible Packaging

reducing waste

Embracing PCR materials transforms post-consumer products into versatile resin for innovative packaging, significantly curtailing plastic waste and fostering a cleaner, more sustainable future together.

Layfield PCR Food Flexible Packaging

easy for consumers

Effortlessly support sustainability by choosing products made from recycled materials. By using PCR packaging, consumers actively contribute to lowering the environmental impact of plastic waste.

Three Steps to Sustainable Success
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Sustainable Food Packaging

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Choose Layfield Flexible Films' PCR materials to upgrade your packaging game and enhance your brand's commitment to sustainability.

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