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Frozen Food Packaging

Layfield’s Frozen Food Packaging solutions safeguard frozen products’ excellence, safety, and longevity, employing a sturdy defense against external elements like temperature shifts, moisture, and air.

Layfield’s packaging uses insulation and barrier properties that are essential to prevent freezer burn, which can compromise frozen foods’ quality, taste, and safety.

Successful packaging for frozen products should traverse the distinctive challenges, and appeal to consumers while offering user-friendly and efficient handling.

What makes our packaging so special?

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Preserve Quality and Safety

Frozen food packaging serves as a robust protective barrier, safeguarding the quality and safety of products throughout the entire supply chain. The packaging materials are carefully selected to resist impact, abrasion, and temperature fluctuations, ensuring the maintenance of the desired frozen state during transportation and storage. This preservation prevents freezer burn, moisture ingress, and other factors that can compromise the integrity of frozen products, guaranteeing consumers receive high-quality and safe food items.

Extended Shelf Life

A primary advantage of frozen food packaging is its role in extending the shelf life of products. The packaging solutions, designed with insulation and barrier properties, contribute to the prevention of freezer burn and microbial contamination. By minimizing exposure to external elements, such as air and moisture, the packaging helps preserve the freshness and taste of frozen foods over an extended period. This not only reduces food waste but also provides consumers with the flexibility to store and consume frozen items at their convenience.

Convenience & Efficient Handling

Effective frozen food packaging is designed with user convenience in mind. Packaging formats such as resealable bags, easy-open pouches, and portion-sized containers enhance the overall consumer experience. These features make it convenient for both consumers and retailers to handle frozen products, allowing for easy access, storage, and portion control.

Additional Features

  • High-resolution Rotogravure Printing both sides (up to 12 colors/varnishes)
  • Customizable formats depending on size and weight
  • Customizable Barrier properties to improve shelf life
  • Various sustainable options
  • Clear Product Windows – contents are visible.
  • Various zipper / press to close options.
  • Various venting options
  • SUP, Flat Bottom and Pinch Bottom options



Layfield excels in providing top-tier packaging solutions tailored to your frozen food products. Our various packaging products are meticulously crafted to address the diverse requirements of frozen food applications.

Consumers demand excellence from their frozen food packaging, seeking convenience and effortless portability without compromising freshness or quality. With Layfield’s solutions, your products remain impeccably fresh and bursting with flavor throughout their journey from production to consumption.

This film is fully customizable and can be modified to form the exact dimensions of your packaging requirements.

Horizontal form fill is for block cheese applications.

  • Gravure printing can create stunning HD graphics to showcase your brand
  • Available in various shapes and structures to meet your consumers’ needs
  • Optional convenience features for improving user experience

Layfield thermoforming films provide outstanding performance when it comes to storing & protecting your products.

  • Exceptional seal properties
  • Excellent optical properties
  • Deep draw formability
  • Gloss and matte printing features

Layfield lidding films deliver excellent performance to thermoforming films and trays

  • Seals through contamination, minimizing potential leaks
  • Performs well with various types of trays or forming films
  • Maximum film strength to protect your product through distribution
  • Available in easy peel format
  • Up to 10 colors gravure printing

These bags are available in 2- or 3-side seals. Layfield is ready to find the best solutions for your needs, with barrier and non-barrier options, and diverse shapes and sizes.

  • Economical packaging option
  • Strong package security against leaks
  • Easy product access with tear notch

Our most popular dry food packaging; this pouch ensures your product is ready for the shelves —  standing independently and with eye-catching,  high-quality film and print. Our experts can also include laser tear scoring for easier opening and a resealable powder-proof zipper for a painless user experience.

  • Stands up on the shelf with stunning graphics
  • Printing options for an excellent shelf display
  • Reclosable feature

With our diverse resources we have managed to develop and offer a packaging solution that can provide consistent performance and packaging integrity. The pouch can come with a 3-ply lamination to allow for superior flavor and aroma protection while allowing for more efficient loading, with less dead space at the bottom.

  • Improved line speed
  • Longer shelf life
  • Good filling properties on the machine

This is an extremely versatile and practical packaging option for a wide range of products, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits for your consumers.

  • Large surface area for branding and product information
  • Durable and can be designed to be re-sealable
  • Can stand up right on its own, providing a stable base for the product inside

A type of packaging format designed to be filled and closed automatically on a filling machine. The bag is pre-shaped into a tubular form with an open mouth on one end.

  • High degree of product protection
  • High resistance to moisture and pesticides
  • Ease of handling and transportation
  • Meat and poultry

  • Seafood

  • Fruits and vegetables

  • Prepared meals

  • Baked goods

  • Dairy products

  • Snack foods

  • Convenience foods:

    • breakfast items

    • frozen desserts

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