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Layfield Awarded U.S. Distribution Rights For E’GRID Biaxial Geogrids

October 3, 2014

The agreement between NewGrids Ltd. and Layfield Construction Products expands on Layfield’s capabilities to deliver innovative products and conscientious solutions for customers as a leading designer and installer of geosynthetic systems in North America. The company has held distribution rights for E’GRID Biaxial Geogrids in Canada for more than five years.

The installation of E’GRID Biaxial Geogrids increases the shearing resistance of soil and is applicable with any type of mechanical fill material for surface roads or rails, and including embankment, slope and pavement applications. The product is commonly used in soft soil or base-reinforcement work with the potential to decrease construction costs and reduce the amount of aggregate or undercut required for sub-grade improvements.

Biaxial geogrids are sought after by owners, engineers or contractors who are in need of cost-effective ways to minimize subbase thickness, or cases in which superior tensile strength is required in more than one principle direction. An added benefit of utilizing E’GRID Biaxial Geogrids for flex-pavement applications is the ability to spread aggregate loads more evenly, increasing the continued long-term performance and longevity of trafficked areas while reducing the cost of road, storage yard or parking lot construction. This is especially advantageous when soft soils are present in either permanent or temporary surfaces, such as access roads, as well as in erosion control and MSEW systems.

NewGrids, an agent of BOSTD Geosynthetics Qingdao Ltd., is a foremost manufacturer of punched and stretched, polymeric geogrids, drainage geonets, and geocomposites, in addition to asphalt reinforcement geogrids, geocells and erosion mats. E’GRID Biaxial Geogrids – tested and approved in BOSTD’s in-house quality control laboratory – are recognized internationally with ISO 9001 certification. The manufacturer’s sales network spans more than 50 countries around the world from Australia to United States.

Layfield, with an emphasis on unparalleled innovation and customer service, supplies geogrids to suit all types of ground stabilization and soil reinforcement applications with products available from stock in the company’s five U.S. locations, including Seattle and San Diego on the West Coast, as well as Texas, North Dakota, and West Virginia.

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