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Coffee Packaging

Coffee drinkers appreciate various flavors, aromas, and uplifting effects of the different types of roasted beans available. The preservation of these critical elements is necessary for coffee producers everywhere. Layfield can customize your package with high barrier properties, one-way valves, resilient film structures, and stunning displays so your products will stand out on the shelf while reducing your impact on the environment.

Layfield’s coffee packaging has excellent retention power, which keeps the flavor, color, and aroma intact while providing strong barriers against dampness, dust particles, and other contaminants. We can improve your brand image by delivering eye-catching high definition printed graphics with rich, bold color and convenient bag features that appeal to consumers.

Bioflex packaging turns traditional coffee packaging into responsible, sustainable packaging solution.
Maximize Your Shelf Impact
  • Exceptional graphics, highest resolution gravure print
  • Brilliant visuals and images, up to 12 colours
  • Premium finishes, registered matte, gloss, and specialty coatings
  • Shelf-stable, engineered films for exceptional barrier properties, including moisture, grease, gas, light, and oxygen
  • Robust film solutions that protect against punctures, scratches, heat or frost damage
  • Sustainable film options
  • Quality and food safe: ISO 9001 and PACsecure
Convenient Consumer Features Formats and Bag Styles                        
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All our coffee packaging comes with a wide range of features and options.

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