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Pet Food Packaging

At Layfield, we know pet food companies have aggressive product launches that require reliable packaging that provides long-term shelf stability, food safety, and shelf impact from a centralized supplier. Layfield can produce and deliver the same high-quality bag locally or internationally to meet your customer’s demands, protect your brand’s reputation, and grow your business. 

When you switch to Layfield, you can make ordering from risky global sources a thing of the past. Our expert guidance, local manufacturing capabilities, domestic warehouse, and vendor-managed inventory systems make it easier for you to get your packages fast and affordably.

Don't leave your packaging supply chain at risk for costly movement disruptions. 

Talk to one of our expert consults today and see for yourself how Layfield truly cares about you and your packaging.

Maximize Your Shelf Impact
  • Exceptional graphics, highest resolution gravure print
  • Brilliant visuals and images, up to 12 colours
  • Premium finishes, registered matte, gloss, and specialty coatings
  • Shelf-stable, engineered films for exceptional barrier properties, including moisture, grease, gas, light, and oxygen
  • Robust film solutions that protect against punctures, scratches, heat or frost damage
  • Quality and food safe: ISO 9001 and PACsecure
All our pet food packaging comes with a wide range of features and options.
Convenient Consumer Features Formats and Bag Styles                        

                                    Showing flexible packaging, flat-bottom bag, pinch-bottom bag, stand-up pouch, flat-pouch, rollstock

Reduce Risk and Build Your Pet Food Packaging Regional Supply Chain

Here are the three phases we take you through to ensure your packaging helps you hit your goals.
  1. We do a needs analysis. This is where we meet and discuss your company goals and how to achieve them
  2. We execute the plan. We get your order, artwork, and conduct trials and testing. 
  3. Meet your aggressive deadlines with high-quality packages on time. We ramp-up production, and get your packages delivered so your customers can rave about the new look. 

Take the first step and schedule a call with us.
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