Sustainable Store Drop-off Recyclable Packaging

Store Drop-off Recyclable Packaging

Get Ahead of the Demand

Switch to How2Recycle Prequalified Bags

Layfield offers a diverse portfolio of sustainable packaging options. One of the solutions for recyclable packaging is making a switch to How2Recycle® prequalified bags.

Through our partnership with How2Recycle®, we've made communicating recyclability easy for your customers. Our recyclable packaging is pre-qualified to include a Store Drop-off label, suitable for the US market and clear instructions for recycling  programs in Canada.

How2Recycle® Label System


How2Recycle® is a standardized labelling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public.

*How2Recycle label is subject to change due to product application, final package, and other factors.

Speak to a Layfield Packaging Expert to learn more.

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Why Layfield Store Drop-off Recyclable Packaging?


🤩 Stunning Graphics

Attract customers and boost sales with
extraordinary visual impact, shelf appeal,
with rotogravure printing and visual

💪 Robust Stiffness

Maintain stability, extend shelf-life, and
protect your products with our incredibly
strong and durable films

🛍️ Various Formats

Assure product quality with our
high-temperature resistant film that can
be customized to any format

💬 Store Drop-off Recycling Program Enhances Customer Experience

Store Drop-off recyclable flexible packaging is perfect for enhancing your customer's experience. With its high-performance barriers and convenience features, Store Drop-off recyclable flexible packaging will deliver world-class brand experiences to your customers.


  • How2Recycle® membership is required for your customers to use a How2Recycle label. 
  • How2Recycle® does not own or operate the recycling stream. 

Don't be fooled by "recyclable" packaging – make sure your food packaging is actually being recycled!

Many recycling centers do not accept all materials, which can make it difficult for consumers and businesses to recycle their packaging waste. There's a difference between "recyclable" and "recycle-ready"!

Our new presentation dives into the details to help you make the best decision for your business. You'll learn about the benefits and challenges of each option, as well as some key tips for getting started.

📥 Click the link to download Store Drop-off Recyclable Packaging for the Food Industry presentation now.

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